you need
  • - adapter cable or S-Video;
  • - adapter S-video - ¬ęTulip";
  • - Component adapter;
  • - audio adapter
If you are connecting using an HDMI output, which is available on almost all modern video cards, the process is no different from a conventional computer monitor connection.HDMI are all new TVs based on plasma or LCD.Simply connect the appropriate cable to the graphics card and the TV input.If the TV is used as a second monitor, the properties of the video card, specify the fact of its connection and select an appropriate resolution.
For other TV provided access TV-out.S-Video cable can be connected to TV-out, TV-out but not plugged in S-Video.To connect
to a TV using special adapters.It is best to use a universal adapter, sinceattended by S-Video, RGB-component (consists of three plugs of the respective colors) and the composite yellow entrance.Sometimes it is sufficient to use conventional composite adapter.
Additionally, connect the audio adapter, if you need audio.The TVs use connector RCA, while in conventional computers - mini-jack.This cable has at one end a suitable plug for video and the other two "tulip" red and white colors.