To start make subwoofer housing for the future.This can be used cartons or plywood pieces of various sizes.Put your column on cardboard or plywood and draw a marker on all parties to the column.

Cut circled contour of the workpiece for the body.

Veneer parts screw together with screws, cardboard detail tie ropes at the corners.

Put your column in the resulting package.Gaps between the columns and walls of the housing should not be, otherwise they will be in airbag that can prevent the saturation of sound.

Remove the column from the body and drank it in two holes.One - front - the air outlet, and the second - the back - for the wires to be out of the housing.The first hole is made on the size of the speaker column.
Create insulation inside the cas
e.For this obkleyte its inside with an insulating material, such as felt.Seal the seams and folds of the tape or the tape.
Now place the column back into the body.Attention, you now have to go through a key moment in the manufacture of the subwoofer.Wind up the wires from the column into a tight beam, output to the outside through the prepared hole and connect to the acoustics.To do this, look for contacts, responsible for power speakers, and solder the wires resulting from the subwoofer.

If you want to reinforce your new subwoofer, then embed it into the amplifier.The best way to fasten it with screws and screwdriver.Do not forget to make the insulation holes.
now sub color paint that color that you like best.Very impressive look subwoofers under the "metallic".Usually this is just an ordinary paint, for example, "silverfish".Sab ready.If you did everything neatly, then eventually you get a very decent sound.Locate your new acoustic device away from the wall so as not to cause excessive vibration, or refract the sound barriers.