very popular analog stick-type aircraft.It is not easy to properly connect and calibrate.In stores you can also find a variety of control surfaces and digital multibutton controllers, but they are not very convenient to control the airplane in the game.There are also programmable digital joysticks .They are attracted by its versatility, but is more expensive.
From analog sticks special attention should be paid Genius Flight2000 F-22 from the company KYE Systems Corp, which has almost all the features.His handle is very similar to the handle, which is used in the latest US fighter, the F-22 the company "Lockheed Martin".Players can experience the same feeling as a fighter pilot.
right hand need to manage the handle, which is also set fire button as the trigger, as well as three addition
al buttons.In the game, they can perform different functions.With additional buttons often make switching arms and shuffling purposes.Almost any game can make a change button assignments on your own.Next to the buttons on the handle mounted four-direction switch angle.With it, you can look forward pilot forward, right, left and back.Using the keyboard during a fight is unlikely to succeed to look around.
To connect a analog stick does not need to install different drivers.A prerequisite is the presence of the game port.It is usually available on the sound card.If there is not, then look for the boards input-output ports, which were used in the 486 and older computers.
Turn off the computer.Make this a must when you connect any cables.The back of the system unit and find a game port.It is a connector in which the contacts 15 arranged in two rows.In size it is slightly larger than the serial port for the mouse.In this slot to insert the cable from the joystick, and then turn on the computer.Connections.