you need
  • - Screwdriver "star";
  • - flat screwdriver;
  • - scalpel;
  • - a plastic card from the SIM-ki.
Remove screwdriver "star" on the cover mounting bolts modem hidden under small round stickers, which represent a guarantee.
To open the plastic housing, without breaking it, you need a special device.For its production, use the plastic card from the SIM-ki.Cut it a little to make one of the sharper edges.
Insert the sharp edge of the card into the slot between the modem and the USB connector with a plastic lid and slightly lift this lever cover.
In the resulting slot, insert a thin, sharp knife and push them to the internal latch cover, pushing it a little.All this is done slowly, carefully, confident movements, so as not to break the latches and leave on the outside of tampering.
When you release a scalpel cover with one hand, slowly open the modem, release the latches and the other side.If everything is done correctly, so the modem can be disassembled many times without being afraid to break it.
To get the mini PCI-E card module out of the slot antenna, screwdriver, unscrew the "star" has two bolts.Flat-blade screwdriver carefully remove two mini coax cables.So you get a completely disassemble the modem.