microtransmitter Connect to a power source.If the device uses a battery, remove the back cover and insert the batteries into the slot, then put the lid back on.If the device uses a power adapter, connect it to the transmitter via the corresponding plug, then turn on the network.
microtransmitter Next, connect to the TV's in charge of the line-out audio.As a rule, it is the interface of the "tulip".In some models, the connector uses a different interface.If your TV has one of these connectors line-out, advance purchase an appropriate adapter.Also, in some models, there is a special audio output for headphones.
Next microtransmitter include using the corresponding button.If correct operation indicator lights, signaling normal operation.
Then you should turn on the device for the radio to which the earphones are connected.Usually this is done by turning the wheel responsible for the adjustment of the volume level.Accomplished by using a button provided for this purpose scanning range to find a signal from the transmitter.In some cases, this may not happen immediately, because at the same frequency the radio station broadcast some.If this fails, press the reset button of search results, and then try scanning range.
need further adjusting the sound level.The optimum volume level is considered in a quarter or a fifth of the maximum possible.When installing more than one third the volume greatly increases the risk of sound distortion and other interference.
When watching TV from a distance of 7-8 meters longer significantly worsens the quality of reception of the transmitted signal.In some cases, it may disappear completely.