you need
  • DATA-cable, infrared, Bluetooth, USB extension cable, CD with drivers.
will connect mobile phone and a computer, you will have new ways to implement the features of your phone well.Today, the most widely used following connection phone and computer to .The first is a wired connection - using the DATA-cable;Second - the optical, infrared;and a third type of connection - wireless connection using Bluetooth.Just need the software driver package for your phone model itself as a computer program.
Turn on the computer and the phone .Connect the USB port on the computer one
of the devices that you have in stock.The infrared port is better to connect via a USB extension cable, so that he would have an infrared port on a flat surface, this is due to the principle of operation of this device.For infrared and Bluetooth may need to install additional drivers, install them from a disk came with the device.
Now connect your phone to the connector DATA-cable if you use it, or go to the menu and phone and turn on the infrared port or Bluetooth.When connecting the DATA-cable detection phone and automatically.To detect phone and via the infrared port, the port phone and must be placed in front of the infrared port is connected to a computer , at a distance of 5-15 cm. To connect with technology Bluetooth, you need to activate the detection device on the phone f or computer, when the device is found to confirm the connection.
Generally, after establishing a connection, to complete the work computer phone th want to install on your computer drivers phone but also a program that will facilitate the use of features phone and from your computer, itIt called PC Suite.This software and drivers are on the CD that came bundled with phone th, and can also be purchased separately in specialized shops, but the best option is to download from the Internet the latest version from the official site of the manufacturer phone and extends it for free.Now you can upload to your phone favorite music or video, install applications and games, as well as a copy phone and on the computer photos and videos made phone th.