you need
  • microphone, computer (laptop), and software.
consider several ways to record.If you have a laptop, use the built-in microphone.If not, use a microphone, which are now commercially available.Selection of the microphone depends on the need for it, i.e.what you want to hear on the record.For comparison, his voice in "reality" is quite suitable inexpensive microphone.If we want to learn to train your vocals, then we will need a higher price in microphone (microphones known brands).
If not at hand the necessary software to record from a microphone, is quite suitable built into the Windows shell program "Recording".It has limitations "functional" - not more than 60 seconds of recording, which starts vocalist wi
ll not be able to come.

Running this program via the menu "Start" - "Accessories" - "Recording".Connect a microphone and click "Record (Rec)".At the end of a voice recording, press "Stop" button and hear out what we've got.
How to record sound from a microphone
For the beginner singer and not only perfect program Sound Forge.Starting with version 6.0 of its capabilities is not only to record a large number of voice minutes on the microphone, but also deep processing, including popular audio sound effects of treatment, such as "do", "chorus", the separation of the channels, etc.

To start the program, you must go to "Start" - "Programs" - "Sonic Fondry" - "Sound Forge".In the window that opens on the operation panel locate the button, which depicts a red circle.Click it and a window before you record from a microphone.Here you can set some parameters, as well as in the mode of reality test the functionality of the microphone.To the right you will see two vertically arranged scales (stereo).

Press the record button, say something, and then stop.The window will close recording, replace the window is closed, a new window opens.In this window, you will see your recorded audio track.Here you can edit it, if you want to align the volume and save.
How to record sound from a microphone
Use the most affordable way.Most audio players through which you listen to music, support, albeit a little bit, from a microphone.
Another option - to record in home audio player or recorder with recording capability.This entry can be spread to your computer through the program Sound Forge, in the voice recording mode.
How to record sound from a microphone