Tip 1: How to increase the headphone volume

most headphones are safe or overhead monitor.If we talk about the technical characteristics, the most significant effect on the volume sound sensitivity.But matter and indicators such as power and resistance.
you need
  • - characteristics of headphones;
  • - any audio editor;
  • - driver;
  • - portable headphone amplifier.
Refine your headphones : power, sensitivity and resistance.More powerful - it's not always louder.Loudness directly determines the sensitivity of headphones, which must be at least 100 dB.Otherwise, difficulties arise when working on handheld devices.Note that resistance and power - the value inversely proportional.Standard headphones are designed for 32 Ohms, and the device with a resistance of 16 ohms have high acoustic power.So, louder.If high-impedance headphones connected to a portable player, the sound is barely visible.Their mission - stationary Hi-Fi and Hi-End technology.
Check the internal volume setting on your audio player.Turn the equalizer to m
aximum performance.Note that this may increase the noise.If there is a control on the headphone cord, look at what he's position.Set it to the maximum.
Reinstall the driver if they are assumed to be for your playback device.Typically, this is done on the computers.Check the volume available in the control panel.Move all the levers upwards - to the maximum level.
Check headphones with other sources.Perhaps, the problem does not lie in them, and that sounds.
use audio editor for better sound quality files.To increase the volume fit even the most simple programs, such as, Free MP3 Cutter and Editor, mp3DirectCut, Music Editor Free.But be careful!Some editors can only increase the volume by limiting the signal level and narrowing the dynamic range.This affects the quality of the resulting sound.
Buy a portable headphone amplifier.There are many types of such devices intended to increase the power and sound quality.However, this option can not be considered cost-effective.The price range starts from 1500 rubles.and higher.
Pick other headphones.The perception of volume depends on the type of construction, method of transmitting audio and acoustic design headphones.Try and check the plug-in itself ("shells"), Vacuum ("plugs"), overhead (monitor), wired or wireless, public or private.For example, in open headphones deteriorating audibility at a high level of external noise.

Tip 2: How to increase the volume

Loud music - obligatory accompaniment of any festive event.Music is designed to set the mood and tone of the event, and if it is a holiday, it is simply obliged to sound loudly as possible.In order to enhance the volume music, you can use one of the methods suggested below.The use of each of them depends on your level of technical and computer literacy.
How to increase the volume
use any audio player with customizable equalizer.In order to maximize the volume , you need to put all the values ​​of the equalizer to maximum.Make sure that the speaker, which you use to listen, was not overloaded - sometimes with these settings the sound is not clear, since the speaker is unable to cope.
Download and install audio files editor.In order to increase the volume track, use the effect of "normalization."Also, consider the features of the speakers that you use - if you do not have a subwoofer for low frequency reproduction, it is necessary to use a graphic equalizer and minimize the low frequencies, while increasing high.
Use amplifier, connecting it to the playback device and speakers.Power may increase the volume music at least twice.Most importantly, once again - is to take into account the power used by the speakers.For this pre-test devices for compatibility at the maximum level, and if the sound goes without distortion - buy.
  • Select audio editor