you need
  • - subwoofer;
  • - speakers.
subwoofer called a special speaker that is designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds.Its distinctive features - a large diameter of the cone and the reliance on primary product of sound waves range of 10-150 Hz.Subwoofer complements the already installed car audio, rather than completely replacing the bass.The ideal option considered standard acoustic speaker 5 - 2 front, 2 rear, 1 subwoofer.It is also desirable if there is a special front tweeters with a small diameter of the diffuser.
The vehicle used four types of acoustic design: the strip-type closed (HCC), the infinite baffle and the body with phase inverter (FC).To set the low-head and choose the acoustic design, pay attention to the car body and its type.
All vehicles are roughly divided into three classes: a luggage compartment, isolated from the saloon (sedan type), an open body (convertible), a combined volume of cabin and luggage compartment (hatchback and wagon).The car with a body like a sedan the subwoofer is hard enough.If you put a subwoofer in the trunk, the salon will reach only the low frequencies.
The greatest LF is suitable for installation in cars head-type sedan rear shelf.Although this car can be used all methods of acoustic design.In addition to the rear parcel shelf, install the subwoofer in the rear seat armrest.In this case, make sure that the size of the holes were big and zatesnyali cone woofer.Otherwise, the good quality and bass can be forgotten.
in cars with a body type hatchback install woofer simple.Here, use the "free air", as well as any kind of acoustic design for the low-head.When selecting subwoofers note that melodic, beautiful and more specifically its major counterparts sounding subwoofer with bass-head size of 10 inches.
The car with a body type convertible to establish woofer is very difficult, because for him there is very little space.However, good results in sound pressure Achieve via FC (body Reflex) or PC (acoustic band-type).When volumes are characterized by the introduction of greater restrictions acoustics also use the speakers closed.Use as two low-frequency head, and for a greater impact at a distance in front of them, set the rigid plates.