In order to establish a new map of the region in a gps navigator, you need to buy a specially recorded version of the map on the disk, and then install it on a computer using specific software developed by itfor this purpose.
After you have filled in your card in the computer, it will be easy to install and very navigator.The most common maps for navigation are sold on a special flash - carrier which is inserted directly into the browser and allows to continuously work with the card.Thus, any installation from the media card will take you a few minutes.But such license
cards are quite expensive and require the introduction of an activation code that you can not get along with the map, and then you have to buy it through the Internet for electronic money.
If you download the electronic version of the map on the computer, to be installed in a way to suit you browser spoofing GUI on your computer.You will carry out the usual entrance to the box Windows, but then it will be necessary to go into the menu shell from producer.Such a method is considered more advantageous for inexperienced computer users, and who knows what he must do.
This type of injection on the map navigator with a special program with the PC software allows multiple users to register and enter the license code at a time.In addition, you can additionally download a new browser for your graphical environment, replacing the old.It is also possible to download special plug-ins on the Internet, that allow much faster and more convenient to run your card in the navigator.
Now on the Internet there are many different assemblies for graphics cards, which equally well suited for most navigation and enhanced with new features and applications of your device.