There are special containers for storing the headphones.They are all provided for your convenience: you gently wind the earphone wires on a special basis, and they have no way to go awry.There are also bags (covers) for storing headphones, sometimes they come with a headset.But they often manage to get tangled wires.Choose comfortable with container or bag, you can at any hardware store, ask for help to the seller-consultant.
Gently fold the headphones can wound them around player.At first glance, this process may seem complicated, but in fact it is not.Take the wire 5-10 cm to plug and add a loop of a conventional mid-size press to the pla
yer.Save the form loops, tightly wrap the headphones around player.
existing dynamics together.Because the wires leading speakers make a small loop, departing from the speakers 5-7 cm. Pass the small loop in the large - the one you created in the beginning, push the small loop of the finger to the player.At the same time, pull the plug - and headphones will be tightly wound on the player.To "understand" this design, you just pull the speakers.
If you keep the headphones separately from the player, add them as follows: rastopyrte fingers of the left hand (if you're right-handed, and his right hand - if a left-handed) and carefully wrap on hand headphones, leaving the end of the wire in10-15 centimeters.Remove the headphones with your hands, and the remaining end of the wire winding start to get a "Ring" headphones.You will receive two symmetrical loops.When the wire is almost over, thread the plug into one of the eyelets.Pull it to one side (in the direction of the loop in which it is passed), and the speakers - in another.Headphones conveniently folded.