If necessary, fabricate an adapter to connect the 6.3-mm plug to 3.5mm jack.To do this, buy a 6.3 mm jack (stereo necessarily), and from the evil of headphones cut 3.5 mm stereo plug (monaural microphone is not good).Connect with the same name and the plug socket contacts among themselves.
Disconnect the speakers (if any) from the network, and then pull the plug out of the socket sound card green.Instead, connect the headphones .Laptops jack may be green, and silver, and next to it there may be an icon symbolizing headphones .Just might look nest old sound card for desktop PC.If your computer has a built-in speaker after headphones are automatically switched off.
K socket on the back of the machine, connect the plugs uncomfortable.If the housing is equipped with fro
nt pockets, open it (when de-energized machine), look for the red and green plugs, thread the cords with them through a slot in the rear wall, and then connect them to the jacks of the sound card that has the same color (not to confuse them).After that, connect the headphones can be green to the front jack.
If a computer instead of individual columns connected monitor speakers, get on the front or side panel headphone jack.Connect headphones him.After that, the internal speakers automatically turn off the monitor.Similar nest there, and some powered speakers, but much less frequently.This connection can control the volume of the mixer is not only a computer but also a regulator located on the monitor or speakers.
In all cases, do not expose too much of the volume - it is harmful to hearing.You can be guided by the following criteria: the volume is normal if, despite the fact that out of you are wearing the headphones the music, you can still clearly hear it coming from the soft sounds of the receiver or TV, located three meters from you.