start repairing the headphones after you have accumulated at least some of their steam.You will be able to learn from them serviceable parts, and then combine them into a smaller number of couples who will work flawlessly.
Each pair of headphones is bisected in the middle.All wires pull out of the total envelope, and then using sidecutters or sandpaper.First, try it, you will find that the isolation hinders the process of tinning.Be tempted to remove it with a sharp object, lighters or acid solder.Do not use neither one nor the other, nor the third.The first tool you and insulation damage and the wires themselves, the second - call the oxidation of copper, which is why the conductor stops luditsya despite the absence of the insulating var
nish, and the third - a short circuit which occurs immediately, but after a while and suddenly.Just put the end of the wire on a piece of wood, and then share it with a force several times soldering iron coated with rosin.Turn it until you get it removed from the varnish on the entire diameter.Then again cover the rosin, followed by the usual way using sidecutters or sandpaper.
When continuity cables refer to the following pin-plug: the contact closest to the input cable connector corresponds to the total wire medium - the left channel, and the farthest from the input - right.In the cords in silver or gold wire insulation correspond to the general, green or blue - left channel, red - right.
Collect among the "top" and among the "lower" half those in which all connections are intact.By combining them, gather the number of serviceable pair of headphones that work.
If you wish to repair the faulty half headphones.For the opening of the plug simply cut off with a wire cutter sheath of PVC, which you will find under the frame made of a hard plastic.In this frame mounted pads for soldering.With the headphones themselves, remove the caps with a sharp knife and remove them from the emitters, which also has a platform for soldering.Gluing caps back after repair, be sure to wait until the glue dries before again to insert the headphones into your ears.Use only safe adhesives.