First you need to study in detail supplied by the manufacturer instructions to the switch, section quick start guide, because it often has the necessary information about the device.Help may installation CD, which is usually attached to the device.
Sometimes, however, this method can not be applied: the device is not new, there is no disc and instructions it contains typos, etc.Then look up the IP switch in the settings of the computer to which the device is connected.In the main menu ("Start" button, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen), select "Settings", and then go to the "Network Connections" and then - in the section "Local Area Connection".
Then click on this icon, right-click and go to the subsection "Properties."It is necessary
to highlight "Internet Protocol TCP / IPĀ», further re-click on "Properties".In the window with the name "Default Gateway" and is information necessary IP-address.
You can use a different way - a more time-consuming.Its use is based on the fact that in these devices, usually is initially enabled DHCP-server.This enables automatic configuration of network adapters to make computers in a local network.Therefore, if the original configuration of the switch administrator did not change and are the "default" network cards automatically should get all the settings, the number of which will be included and IP-address.
To see these settings, see the tab "Support", which is in the adapter properties.Opening the tab, you will see a window with the information, among which there will be information about the IP address of the default gateway.We have an IP address, and will be the location of the switch.
In addition, if the previous methods for some reason, have not helped, you can specify the IP of the switch selection method, taking into account the fact that, as a rule, the number of addresses used by the internal switches is rather limited.Here are the most frequently used addresses: *,,,;*,;*,,,