expensive real estate is difficult to lease, so it will take a lot of effort, money and nerves.The easiest way to a small apartment in typical homes.They snapped up like hot cakes, and if the price is not too high, then you still lined up.
most common mistake to think that if the apartment is an expensive renovation and has beautiful furniture, plastic windows, telephone and other benefits of civilization, the rental price increases on the order.It is a myth, because the cost of such apartments will grow by only 2-3 tysyachi.Chem more you bet the price, the lower the tenants would be interested in real estate.The approximate cost of housing, please
call at any real estate agency.Calculating the cost of the majority of them do over the phone.
So, search for tenants to start with the dissemination of information on the rental property.Inform all family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors.You can post messages on the porch or in the elevator, in the case of the apartment.Just be prepared for the fact that the familiar can be some difficulties and delays in payment.Try to put an ad in the local paper, but it's pretty expensive.There are lots of free newspapers, such as "Hand in Hand", "deal" and others.On the Internet you can find dozens of sites with ads for renting property.You can call yourself, but be prepared that you will underestimate the price.
If you rent an apartment, cottage or country house, pay attention to not get housing intermediaries.They will give it to others more expensive, and if something goes wrong, simply disappear.Optimally rent housing for families, especially with children of school age and older.These families do not "lit" at night, scaring the neighbors and the children do not draw on the wallpaper, do not spoil the furniture, curtains and carpets.Be careful when delivery of housing for people with animals, especially dogs.Then you risk not know his property.Not all dogs understand what is good and what is bad, and even more so when the animal is at home all day, he was simply nothing to entertain themselves.With cats, too, there are problems, they can mark territory and tear up the wallpaper.