Decide the question - what are looking to buy an apartment, what means is located on the point of taking a home loan.It is worth noting that the good has 30% of the estimated amount of purchased housing.
Identify - will make out a mortgage on their own or with the help of a real estate agency.
The next step will be to identify the bank and the selection of the most appropriate mortgage program.The bank or the Bank's website presents profiles of potential borrowers, the necessary information about the package of documents, interest rates, the estimated costs.On a mortgage calculator independently calculate the amount to be allocated for the repayment of a mortgage loan.
Prepare the necessary documents to the Commission the bank's application for a mortgage loan.The documents include copies of all pages of internal passport, VAT number, a copy of the pension, a driver's license, employment record, all of the pages which have to be certified by the chief of the personnel department, income statement 2-PIT, personally completed application form and application to the selected bank.
Read all proposals on mortgages and submit documents to the selected bank, the settlement calculation which suits you best.Wait solutions credit committee of the bank and, in the affirmative Make out a mortgage.
Prepare all legal documents for purchased housing.Find out in advance - whether RONO permission to sell the apartment if one of its owners is a child in order to avoid further unforeseen problems.
After approval of the credit committee of the bank, can only take out a mortgage.Make out a mortgage loan and the contract of sale, make a down payment.
After completing basic contracts agreed with the fear in the bank insurance company purchased a house, his life and work capacity.
Record sales contract at Companies House and regularly repay the loan to the bank.