citizens - owners of properties located on state-owned lands or municipalities, have the exclusive right to purchase this land.It starts buying land from the state to obtain cadastral passports for land, issued at the request of the Chamber of inventory.You may have even arrange boundary, that is the definition of the boundaries of the land and its coordinates on the ground, if earlier, such a procedure was not carried out.
Then contact your local authority with the application for land acquisition, the statement attach cadastral passport.Did not pass the state cadastral registration of the land can not be provided in the property, under any grounds.
decision on land acquisition adopted
by the authority within one month after receipt of the application.During this period, the decision of the authority to sell the land, drawn up a draft contract of sale of land, which is sent to the applicant.Once the documents are ready to buy a plot of land is not difficult.
The redemption price of the land at the same time is not determined arbitrarily, and is set on the basis of population and cadastral value of land in the area.
Once the consent of the authority and a draft contract of sale, to process the deal purchase and sale of land and the state registration of rights to land.To do this, pay the state duty for registration of rights and refer to the Department of the Federal Registration Service of the location of the site with the application for registration of the transaction, the contract of sale, the act of acceptance and transfer of land.
At the end of the period established for registration, a registered contract and receive a certificate of title to the land plot.
That is, the registration procedure is no difficulty, unlike the collection of documents.