History of land cadastre

first information about the execution of the measurement and evaluation of land appeared long before our era, about 3,000 years ago, during the reign of Augustus, on the territory of ancient Egypt.The aforementioned emperor ordered to collect the tax on land.This type of tax is also levied in the Middle Ages.In order to more accurately determine the amount of used rod and rope fixed length, which was measured and a predetermined portion.It should be noted that no mathematical calculations when measuring sites in a given period is not used. The initial interpretation of the term "inventory" was not associated with a specific territory.It only reflects the essence of the concept, such as inventory, record, registry and so on.

situation changed in 1718 when the moder
nization process conducted measurement of land.As a result, to determine the exact rules for this type of work.Now, after the measurement area on paper, the exact scaling.This enabled the mapping, which shows the boundaries of the land, as well as its cost and the exact amount required for payment of the tax.

In Russia inventory appeared in the X century.While the list of cadastral works included: accurate measurement of land area for agricultural purposes and filing the information received in a special book.

Since the XVII century, carrying out this type of work was to include not only agricultural land, as well as land occupied by forests or urban buildings.

The land records of the period designated the total area of ​​the yard and placed it on the building.Also here were entered all the data about the owner and the amount that was necessary to collect a tax.Moreover, while in the list of information have made the list of private immovable property, which is attached to the exact layout of the latter.

In the years after the revolution, in the land register began to make as accurate and circuit area and the location of water bodies that were in the cities. urban cadastre system objects are the elements of the urban environment: natural resources, infrastructure and socio-economic effects associated with the life of the city.

Urban Cadastre

In the modern period has been introduced such a thing as urban cadastre, which is an integral part of the overall state of the inventory.It contains information on private property, and keep records of the total amount of land.Due to urban cadastre, it can be protected from seizure or other encroachment territory belonging settlements.The city has an extensive inventory and convenient system for registration of land resources.