Save energy.Saving electricity reduces the consumption of natural resources and reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.Replace the conventional bulbs in your home with energy saving.You can also replace the appliances more energy efficient.Thus, you'll not only save natural resources and reduce emissions, but also save part of their budget.
Install water meter in your apartment.By setting the counter in her apartment on the water, you also kill two birds - will save water, the quality and quantity of which is deteriorating every year, and save portion of their own money.
non-toxic household chemicals.It is no secret that a large number of household chemicals contain harmful substances.They are not only harmful to the env
ironment, but also for those who use products containing toxic veschestva.Vnimatelno read the packaging for household chemical goods and personal care products.Feel free to refuse the goods, if you can see it includes sodium hypochlorite, petroleum distillates, formaldehyde, phenol, sodium lauryl sulfate.Abandoning products with toxic substances, you'll save both your health and the environment.
Choose the right building materials.In order to protect Earth from harmful effects, humanity is to reduce the use of toxic materials.You can start with yourself, abandoning the use of materials containing PVC and chipboard.Also carefully select the paint.Determine whether it is suitable for interior work, if you need something to paint the inside of the building.Also, after using the paint in the bank to dispose of the collection site of toxic waste.
take used raw materials for processing.The collection points for recycling you gladly accept plastic, glass, aluminum cans and waste paper.Handing recycled for processing, you save natural resources.