you need
  • - cadastral documents;
  • - passport;
  • - a package of documents for the transaction.
Advantage renewal apartments for sale by another person is that with the right paperwork and a deal it can not be challenged.The disadvantage is the complete alienation of housing.If the owner wants it back himself, it will make it impossible.
to get immediate renewal of cadastral statements in the BTI, write down all of the apartments, take a certificate stating that the apartment no one registered.If the house has the right to property of another person, please refer to the notary and complete consent to the sale of all property owners.Then sign a contract of sale, deed of transfer and acceptance.
All documents refer to Companies
House.Based on the submitted documents of ownership of Sign up for your customers.
If you have reissued apartment through donation, the advantage is that it will remain with the person to whom you extended a her.For example, if your daughter married, and you give her a house, a divorce-law will not qualify for the division of property as a gift does not belong to the property acquired in marriage.
If necessary, you can cancel the deal donation in accordance with the law and return the donated property back.
The disadvantage is that if you gave apartment distant relative or a stranger, will have to pay a large sum of tax for donations.
to renew apartment through donation, get a cadastral extract in the BTI, notarial permission from all owners for the deal giving.Contact FUGRTS and register transaction.
To make a will, contact a notary, to produce documents to the apartment , passport.You make a notarial will, which was read to your heirs.Apartment these persons go after your death.
only one disadvantage.If you have dependents living with the disabled, minors or partially capable persons, regardless of wills, they will belong to the share of the apartment, as if they inherited it by law.