Treaty purchase and sale be issued in three copies (one is a seller, the second - the buyer, the third - in the registration authority) in writing and signed by both parties.In accordance with the legislation in force to make a deal at a garage sale can only be the owner or his agent (in this case it is necessary to have a power of attorney or a certified copy).
If spouses "amassed" this property together, get the consent of the wife (husband) for sale, as certified by a notary.All the necessary documents for registration purchase and sale collects the one who is going to give up their property.The buyer can only check the submitted paper, to make sure the identity of the seller to
sign the contract ohms and an act of acceptance and transfer, and pay for the purchase.For the new owner of the garage last stroke of the transaction will be the registration of ownership.
What to do if you're going to sell the garage, and the right to possession have not yet registered?In this case, you get a certificate of ownership.Write an application to the Federal Registration Center, attach the receipt of payment of state duty for registration and documents provided by law, on the basis of which you own the object property ( contract donation, certificate of inheritance, certificate of share contribution in the garage cooperative, an extract fromBureau of Technical Inventory, etc.)
If your garage is in the cooperative, the land under it is to be delimited.True, there may be difficulties associated with the failure of other members of the association of the garage issue land ownership, because if one of them has agreed to do so, the survey will be impossible.Then, your property may be issued only on the basis that all the areas located under the data objects, and they belong to.Nevertheless, apply to the service of land registration, cadastre and cartography still stands, and not too lazy to invite engineer and inventory already in place to decide the question of land surveying.