Tip 1: What documents are needed for the sale of apartments

bedroom apartment - a serious and responsible transaction to which you want to prepare in advance.The most important step is the preparation of the correct execution of all necessary documents.
timely collect a package of documents required for the sale of apartments, is very important if you want all the real estate operations were successful.

list of necessary documents

1. Passport.
Original passport is required, if you - the owner of the apartment.If the transaction takes place by proxy through a third party, a copy of the passport of the owner must be notarized.If the owner of the property sold is a minor child, you need a birth certificate and an identity document of the legal representative.

2. Legal documents.

The documents confirming ownership of the apartment include:
- a contract of sale of real estate;
- privatization contract;
- deed of gift;
- a document certifying the right of inheritance;
- an agreement on participation in the joint construction or to pay the interest in the buil
ding society;
- the court's decision on the transfer of home ownership citizen.

certificate of state registration of ownership issued on the basis of one of the above documents.

3. Technical (cadastral) passport in the apartment.

cadastral passport of the property must be issued no later than 5 years before the contract of sale.If the technical document is outdated, you should order a new one, by submitting a statement to the BTI.If the apartment after the issuance of cadastral passport was made redevelopment, the document also needs to be replaced.

4. Certificate from the Tax Inspectorate on lack of debts.

This document is required for citizens who sell the apartment, pulled out a gift or inheritance.

5. Extract from the house register.

Extract, the validity of which is 30 calendar days, the apartment owner must obtain in the passport office or the management company, providing an identity document and documents of title to the apartment.The statement will be given information about the people in the apartment, as well as on the status of the tenants account.If you have debts on utility bills for sale apartments will not be possible, so all you need to repay the debt before the registration of the transaction.

6. Extract from the Unified State Register.

This document is not mandatory, but sometimes it requires a buyer of real estate for the registration of the transaction.Extract from the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property can be obtained to apply to the regional office Rosreestra.Statement confirms that the seller has the right to ownership of the apartment, which is not under arrest and is not collateral.

7. Resolution of the guardianship.

This document is required if the owner of the apartment is a minor child or a citizen, who by virtue of severe disability is to have custody of the guardianship.Resolution should get legal representatives of the owner, referring to the guardianship of residence.

Marking give permission to sell property only if it does not lead to a deterioration of living conditions.The area of ​​the new apartments should be equal to the previous housing or exceed it.

8. Marriage certificate or divorce.

If the owner is married, you need a marriage certificate, and documented consent of the spouse to carry out the transaction.In the case of divorce or death of a spouse requires appropriate supporting documents.
spousal consent is not required only if the owner of the apartment was a gift, if living space got him by inheritance, and if during the marriage the seller of privatized apartments.

How to sell your share of housing

separately regulated by the rules of the sale of shares in the apartment.In this case, consent is required to issue the remaining homeowners to sell a stake in the apartment, as well as to issue a written notice to the tenants to have a preferential right to purchase housing.Rejection of the share repurchase during the month gives the owner the right to sell its stake to other buyers.

Tip 2: how to sell an apartment

In most cases the sale and purchase of apartments is carried out through intermediaries - real estate firms, whose services are expensive.To save money, the citizens need to sell an apartment on their own.But it would be appropriate only in certain cases.
How to sell an apartment
When you sell an apartment, not in order to immediately buy a new one, but simply because the needed money, it makes sense to do it sells itself.It would be appropriate in the case when you are leaving for permanent residence in another city, or buy an apartment in the primary market in new buildings directly from the customer.
Evaluate your apartment.Look at property prices, flip extreme values.If real estate prices are falling, set the price closer to the lower value if rising - closer to the top.In that case, when you have time, you can increase the value when you take the time to sell - to decrease.Select customers who already have their hands on the money, not those who still have to sell their own apartment or get credit.
Tidy all the documents, including constitutive and technical, to immediately bring them to buyers.Update product data in the BTI, if the term of its production more than 5 years, all spent uzakonte redevelopment.Register documents for real estate in the Federal Registration Service, even those who by law can not register.This will cause the trust of customers, many of whom are wary to transactions without a realtor.Write down all of the sold apartments, who are registered.
Spend an advertising campaign: place ads on billboards, in the media and on the Internet.Periodically updated.You can place an ad to sell an apartment right on the glass of its windows, if they go on the crowded streets.
thoughtful questions about the design of the transaction and how the money will be transmitted, registration deposit.Well, if you have a familiar lawyer working with real estate, consult him on these issues.
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