you need
  • -pasport all parties involved
  • -spravku a statement
  • -Documents about the conditions of sale and the price of the room sent out by registered mail to all the owners of the other rooms
  • -dogovor purchase - sale
  • -extractof BTI
  • -akt reception - transmission
  • -pravoustanavlivayuschie documents room
  • -notarialnoe permission to sell other owners room
The right of priority of purchase can only use the tenants of privatized rooms thatThey issued their homes in the property.If the room is not privatized and is framed by social con
tract of employment, in order to take advantage of preferential right to purchase it should be privatized.
Apply for a notary document on the conditions of sale indicating the price at which you want to sell your room.This document should be photocopied, notarize and send to all owners of the other rooms by registered mail.Registered letter with this document will all be delivered on receipt.At the end of the month following the default of other owners, you can sell your room a third person.Under these conditions the court can not recognize the contract - the sale and registration of property rights null and void.
to sell their rooms, take an extract from the cadastral passport BTI.If cadastral passport made more than 5 years ago, before you give a statement you will need to update the technical documents for the room.To do this, call the technique BTI.Based on inspection of property you will be given a statement.
From the room you need to write all and take a certificate stating that all discharged.
If the room there is the owners, take them notarized permission to sell.
With buyers room to issue the contract of purchase - sale of a notary.Make an act of reception - transmission room.
all.Your customers can register their ownership of the registration center.