This type of agreement is widespread in everyday life.That is why knowledge of the rules of its preparation is so important, especially when it comes to selling an apartment (or its share ).Errors in the preparation of such an agreement could lead to significant financial losses.
Any civil contract to be declared invalid if they are not complied with its essential terms.Such a condition, in relation to the contract of sale, it is the subject, as which can act both movable and immovable property.Other possible conditions, such as price, quantity, completeness, range, quality, etc., are agreed at the request of the parties.If there is no mention of them in the contract, they are determined based on the same kind of relationships in the
community, or business practices (the general rule).
subject composition and determine the shape of the object of the contract of sale.It can be concluded orally, writing.The contract of sale of immovable property subject to compulsory state registration (entering record about the owner of real estate in the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property).Signing a contract with a legal person, regardless of subject matter and the price is only possible in writing.The oral form of the contract is possible at the conclusion of his only between individuals, if the value of the property less than ten times the minimum wage.
contract of sale share in apartment will be considered concluded in the event that it is issued in writing (by drawing a single document signed by the parties) in the text accurately determine the cost selling share and its location, and the treaty passed the procedure of state registration.