can execute the contract of social hiring in the property, which you have, to the buyer.
to this contract with a buyer, you have to write it in your apartment on the social contract of employment.You get the agreed amount between you and then discharged from the apartment.Then the buyer will be able to execute the contract of social hiring apartment in his name and privatize it in the property.
possible to first privatize the apartment themselves, and then sell.
Gather the necessary documents for this purpose:
- an extract from the house of the people in the apartment (including all children);

- children's birth certificates and passports adult family members;
- if you have moved since 1991, the necessary reference to the former residence of the non-participation in privatization;
- social tenancy agreement on apartment and other documents on it;
- copies of paid receipts for utility services.
Next post these documents to the department of housing policy and housing in your city and write a statement on the privatization of the apartment.After the decision of the municipality at the Federal Registration Service to register their ownership.Pay all related fees and charges.After the privatization, have as an owner, get the sale of the apartment.Now you have the right to do with his apartment that you want.Whether it's for sale or exchange.
To sell apartment in a short time, please contact the agency.Experts will not only find a buyer, but also save time.If you do not have time to collect the certificate of privatization - the agency can also offer you an exchange.You will need to exchange their homes to a buffer - a dwelling owned company engaged in buying and selling real estate.You and the buyer apply for exchange in the state organization.And waiting for permission.After receiving permission, the buyer gets an apartment your in use.Do not be afraid of such transactions, it is quite profitable and convenient.