All women with more than three children, one of whom was born after 2006, are entitled to receive maternity capital.Most often, young families are using it just for the purchase of vehicles or property.

What documentation is required to purchase a home

So, for the purchase of residential property in the capital of the parent must present a birth certificate offspring certificate application maternal capital and pension insurance certificate of the applicant and children.Also be sure to have to make a written statement on the use of funds from the parent capital.Be sure to make a copy of each document, they can come in handy in case something is lost or for any reason will become worthless.

process of acquiring property on the parent capital

The process of buying property in the maternity capital is no
t much different from that of the usual means.Previously you would need to enter into an ordinary contract of sale.At the same time it must be clearly stipulated the amount that the seller will receive from the state (of maternity capital).If the value of the acquired property more than the amount of capital, the remaining amount the family pays its own, using, if necessary, lending.

After signing the agreement by the parties, a copy of it relates to the registration center, which confirmed the deal.In any case, the process itself rather troublesome, it is recommended to involve a deal lawyers, so as not to stumble on fraud and other barriers, which in this case a great many.

After the registration of the transaction you will need to refer to the pension fund a full package of documents and wait for the approval of the transaction, the money is often credited to the seller within two months - a specified period of time.It should be noted that the amount of maternity capital is constantly changing and updated.Therefore, before entering into the transaction is better to go to the pension fund at his residence and independently clarify the amount that you rely on acquisition of real estate.

In carrying out transactions involving the capital of the parent, each family member must be documented as the owner of the dwelling.In the future, this is what makes it impossible to infringement of the rights of any member of the family.