Tip 1: How to buy a house for maternity capital

Maternal capital - is a way to improve the demographic situation in the country undertaken by the Government of the Russian Federation.All women who have given birth who adopted a second or subsequent child are eligible to receive a certificate that can be used to improve the living conditions of families in the education of children or to the funded part of their pension.The most popular use of the parent capital - this, of course, improve their living conditions, as buying a home has always been, is and will be the most painful problem of Russian society.
you need
  • - a statement to the Pension Fund;
  • - passport;
  • - a birth certificate and a copy of all children;
  • - the original of the certificate;
  • - other documents, depending on the mode of acquisition of property.
to buy housing on the maternity capital, refer to the territorial Pension Fund.Write a statement of desire to use the funds to purchase housing.If you have already bought an apartment or a house on credit or install
ments, you can file an application immediately after birth, adoption, or subsequent child of the second.
If you only want to buy housing, and with the use of maternity capital, then submit an application, as soon as the child is 2 years 6 months, as the review of your application will take at least 6 months.Use a certificate to pay for housing can be purchased no earlier than 3 years old baby.
In 2011 the amount of maternity capital is 365 700 rubles, which is hardly possible to buy a home, but to pay a portion of these funds is even possible.The application shall include a copy of the birth certificate of having children, marriage certificate, divorce certificate of single mothers, proof of residence, certificate of family composition.
When buying a home loan, you must present the credit or mortgage agreement, registered with the Federal Directorate of the state registration center.Also take a certificate from the bank that provided the loan on the amount of your debt.
If you are going to build housing on their own, it shall pay the Pension Fund a copy of the original certificate of title to the land or lease registered in FUGRTS, as well as a building permit issued by the district department of architecture and urban planningand building passport facility.
With any method of acquisition of property you do not get cash.They will be transferred by wire transfer to the account of the seller, a bank or as payment for building materials.
after making home ownership you must give the Pension Fund of the full report on the funds spent and present a certificate of ownership of housing, which must be co-owners of your children.

Tip 2: How to buy an apartment with the help of the parent capital

Maternal capital started paying families in which a child was born, from the first of January two thousand and seven.Now all the happy parents of the second and subsequent children receive from the state some money, which can dispose of at its discretion.
How to buy an apartment with the help of the parent capital
to buy an apartment with the help of the parent capital, after the birth of a child, contact the State Pension Fund of the place of residence for a certificate.Bring the following documents:

- state sample application for a certificate.It can be filled with the Pension Fund or printed from the official site http://www.pfrf.ru/family_cap_recieving/;

- national passport of the applicant;

- certificate of compulsory pension insurance;

- loose leaf about citizenship of the Russian Federation;

- judgment on adoption or birth certificate with the stamp of citizenship;

Within a month, employees of state authority shall verify securities.After that, the place of registration will be sent a notice of receipt of a certificate for maternity capital.
If you plan to buy an apartment in a new building, get a company-builder, which can set off the parent capital as partial payment.It should be stated in their founding documents and the contract for the purchase of housing.There are two limitations.The first - the square footage should be in the territory of the Russian Federation.The second - a child whose birth certificate was issued, must reach the age of three.
Do not wait until the third birthday of the child and to use the maternity capital previously possible in the case if the apartment is purchased on a mortgage or loan.Then the money goes to repay the interest and principal payment regardless of the date of birth of the second and subsequent children.However, in the documents of the organization that issued the loan for the purchase of property, it should be pointed out that it is entitled to and shall credit the parent capital as debt repayment.Otherwise, you may be refused on legal grounds.
When a contract to buy an apartment, house or getting a loan, grant, other than a certificate for maternity capital, the following documents:

- copies the person who received the certificate, or a spouse (wife) confirmingthe ownership of the land in the case, if you plan to purchase or reconstruction of private houses;

- regular passport holder of the certificate and a copy.

borrowers and sellers of property can change the document list.In each case, specify it in advance by calling the office of the organization and in consultation with the manager.
certificate holder to receive maternity capital may be used only non-cash money.Any attempt to cash it will be recognized as a crime and the relevant authorities opened a criminal investigation into the misuse of public funds.
Helpful Hint
how you can use the full amount of the maternity capital and part of it.Specify this statement for a loan or purchase of an apartment.
  • On additional measures of state support for families with children.