you need
  • - application;
  • - Declaration of 3-PIT;
  • - income statement 2-PIT;
  • - account number;
  • - all the documents in the apartment, including a reference confirming the payment for the purchase of housing.
Contact your tax refund directly if you plan to get it by cashless settlement.So you have to stop to calculate the taxes exactly to the moment, until there is laid on the deductible amount.
Fill out tax return forms PIT-3, present an income statement form 2-PIT.Also, the tax office, you must present copies and original documents to the apartment, payment documents confirming the payment for housing.As
the payment documents you can submit checks, a certificate from the bank if you bought an apartment on credit, a written receipt from the seller of the deposits received and other available documents.
to the tax office you will be given a certificate, exempt you from paying taxes to the amount entered.To produce documents to the accounting department of the enterprise.Since you will not withhold taxes exactly as long until there is a deduction of the amount owed to you.It is available only if you have previously paid this amount as calculated tax.
If you plan to get the full amount in cash, contact the tax office no earlier than one year after the purchase of an apartment, but not to delay the treatment, so how to get the deduction for the purchase of housing only for three yearssince its acquisition.
For cash fill Declaration 3-PIT, present all documents in the apartment, an income statement 2-PIT.And account number to which you transfer the money.
If your apartment is decorated to a few people recorded in the certificate of ownership, the deduction must receive all owners.In this case, you only get the amount that belongs to you as a percentage of the property rights.For example, if the apartment is decorated for 2 persons, everyone has the right to receive 130 thousand rubles, for 4 - 65 thousand.