So, if you have a desire to make a section of his land, first make sure you have all the documents proving your ownership site , otherwise, your application is considered notwill be.
Check whether you have this plot of land of any debts, because before the start of this section in the case after all these exist, you have to first pay all the money and has only then proceedto section.
Once you have verified that the documents of ow
nership and the payment of taxes and other fees all right, start to think about.Call to start the representatives of the organization, which conducts various earthworks in your area.This is to ensure that they had a boundary of your land, and made precise measurements of each of the newly acquired land.Their duties also include shooting all the surrounding areas and the preparation of the overall plan.
After all measurements made wait for a while.Please be patient.No deal with the property is not made quickly.You may need it for several months.
After the representative organization for earthworks prepare all technical documentation for each of your sites, proceed to the next stage of its section of land.
Taking all your existing documents, go to the Federal Registration, Cadastre and Cartography.This is necessary to obtain a cadastral certificate for each of your new sites.Before you draw up new areas, be sure to remove the account, site , that you have had to the actual topic.
With obtained new documents are sent to Companies House.Here you will be given all the necessary documents confirming the ownership of each of your new sites.