you need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • -kadastrovye documents;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - the act of reception and transmission;
  • - extract from the house and the personal account;
  • - notified co-owners.
To sell an apartment donated, enclose the transaction of sale in accordance with the general rules of sale.Contact the Bureau of Technical Inventory, write an application for a cadastral statements, present your passport and a certificate of ownership.
Contact the housing department.Write down all registered on the housing, obtain an extract from the house register and a personal
If you had donated part of the apartment divided by the share in kind, contact a notary, have to make a notification of the sale of the co-owners share a dedication indicating your sales conditions.Distribute all co-owners notarial notification by registered letter with a list of contents.All co-owners have the preemptive right to purchase (Article 250 of the Civil Code), if they do not exercise this right within one month of receipt of the notification of the notary, you have the right to sell an apartment donated by anyone.
If you plan to make a sale yourself, post ads in the media.If you want to entrust the sale agency, refer to the most reliable realtors their city or town.
conclude with customers written or notarial contract of sale, make an act of acceptance and transfer and contact Companies House for registration of ownership of your customers.
If you were given a share apartments, divided into percentages, then sell it, you can not, but you can get cash equal to your share of the voluntary or involuntary.If a voluntary getting your percentage is impossible to apply to the court.By court order you to pay the full amount due under compulsion.