you need
  • - a package of necessary documents (passport sides and paper on the apartment: a certificate of ownership, registration certificate from the BTI, and others.);
  • - notary services.
first and main disadvantage - the seller, if you owned an apartment less than two years must pay a tax of 13% of the transaction amount exceeding 2 million. P.The amount of the tax will be considered in the inspection, based on the market price on the date of sale.And if the amount of the contract will be different from that of more than 20%, has the right to set the amount of tax and impose a fine on your own.At the same time the buyer because the transaction occur
red between relatives, the right to a tax deduction when buying a home does not have.
second minus.If a relative of buying an apartment , is married, the acquisition will automatically be considered joint property of spouses.And in the case of divorce to be divided in half.
There is also a third.After the sale of property the former owner will not be able to influence the relative, if he wants to dispose of the property against his will.
For example, parents sell apartment son or daughter, and he or she then decides to sell it without their consent.To prevent this transaction they will not be possible.
Almost all these drawbacks do not have the option of giving.In this case, there is only need to pay the tax if the gift is made is not a close relative (children, parents, spouses, grandparents and grandchildren).Close relatives of the tax is not paid.
In addition, the deed can be revoked if a new owner to commit acts that threaten the lives and health of the former, or meet to take steps leading to the irretrievable loss of the property.
Upon receipt of the property as a gift a man, married, this apartment is not considered to be joint property of spouses.
Issued Gift (donation contract) through a notary.
Another option - to transfer housing at will.The only drawback is that the take ownership of a relative may only after the death of the former owner.This tax on the value of property received as an inheritance, do not have to pay, and inherited apartment jointly acquired property of the spouses is not considered.
Children are considered heirs of their parents automatically (but reliability can write a will and they are), in other cases, a prerequisite - to issue a notary will.