The first and easiest way to determine the market value of the apartments - turn to real estate professionals, who perform an independent assessment.Companies representing professional services in this area are not uncommon.In this process there are both pluses and minuses.High accuracy assessment, assistance in the sale / purchase of an apartment can be attributed to the positive side.Negative - considerable cost of services.
to independently determine the price of the apartment, use the following methods.Buy a magazine that is designed for a target audience - professional realtors.In this edition you will find detailed information on prices per square meter of housing in any part of your city.It is understood that the price given for intermediaries and
shows an upper threshold value, ie, a maximum, which you can navigate.
telephoned several real estate firms and ask them to buy your apartment.Naturally, you do not need to leave your detailed coordinates, just let the area, which houses the living space and its status.Tell us about the features of the apartment, its advantages and disadvantages.Learning what price offers each of those surveyed real estate firms, recalculate the arithmetic mean.The price you get in the end, will be the lower bound in determining the value.
As in the first and in the second case, do not forget to multiply the cost per square meter on the total area of ​​the apartment.
Based on the fact that by using the first method you have defined an upper threshold value and a second - the lower, calculate the approximate sum, which can be measured flat, will not be difficult.
There is another way to determine the market value of the apartment.You can use the available online calculator that can be found on the major real estate agencies.