to a plot of land could enter into any transaction, it must be put on topographic surveys and assigned a corresponding number and is registered in the Unified State Register of rights to real estate and transactions with it (USRR).In the register shall be entered information about this plot of land, including its unique cadastral number, name of the owner and the type of land rights and land category and type of permitted use of the site.Confirmation that the site is registered and put on the state cadastral registration is evidence of ownership, it relates to documents of title.Only after the certificate is received, land can be sold or bought.
document confirming the fact of sale is the appropriate contract that may be concluded in written form, ie,certification by a notary it is
not mandatory.For the conclusion of the contract of sale, require originals and copies of passports of the seller and the buyer, documents of title to land, proving that the seller is indeed the owner of the site and has the right to make such transactions.In addition, the buyer and seller are married, must submit a notarized consent of a spouse for the sale or purchase of land.If one of the parties to the transaction is single, he must provide a notarized certificate that is not married.
But the contract signed by the participants of the transaction, after checking these documents will come into force only after the registration of transfer of the land and the relevant entry in the Unified State Register.To register a sales contract, should apply to the territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service location of the land and, in accordance with Article 13, item 3 of the Federal Law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it", to submit the following documents:
- the application for registration of the sale;
- receipt of payment of the state fee;
- payment documents confirming that the amount paid to the seller under the contract in full;
- the sales contract;
- national passport of the buyer;
- notarized consent of the spouse or a statement that the buyer is not married;
- legal documents the seller's site (certificate of inheritance, privatization contract, donation, purchase and sale, etc.);
- documents certifying rights of the seller - the certificate of ownership of the land.