Buying an apartment in the secondary market, a seller, request specifications for the object of sale, completed on the unified form №7 and information about all living in the apartment and registered it in the form occupants №9.In addition, the seller must provide you the documents of title to the apartment.This may be the deed of gift, privatization or sale, will or documents confirming the right of succession.
Conduct legal examination of title documents, consult with a specialist - a realtor or lawyer who is engaged in registration of such transactions.Check whether imposed at this apartment arrest, not wh
ether there is a problem with right of survivorship and not violated any rights of third persons residing or registered in this living space.
In the case where the documents are in order and the title is not in doubt, after all the issues will be clarified and agreed, make an advance payment - advance payment for housing.Fix the fact of transfer money and conditions of the share purchase and sale in the preliminary contract and sign it with the seller.
When you purchase an apartment in a new building, you can arrange to buy it as an investment in an equity contribution to the construction of, the entry into a partnership, the assignment of claims or shares.In this case, a preliminary agreement must also be drawn up.Before signing read the documents of the organization-builder and ensure its reliability.
The standard package of documents included the decision of the local authority for a building permit, certificate of state registration of ownership or lease for the land on which the construction, investment contract, agreements on raising funds,as well as the pre-distribution scheme kvartir.Esli documents not suspicious, make an advance payment and sign the preliminary contract.In some cases, payments can be one-off and you have to immediately pay the full cost of the apartment.
deal to buy an apartment, you can not be notarized, but keep in mind that its state registration you will also need an act of reception and transmission if the apartment you have purchased in the new building, or a contract of alienation if itIt was purchased on the secondary market.The absence of these documents may lead to the recognition of the sales contract unlawful if it is contesting in court.
deal in Rosreestra Register, together with the application providing all the necessary documents.Registrars will check their accuracy and completeness, and within 30 days will be given to you at the hands of a certificate of ownership to the apartment.Only then you will be considered its rightful owner.