Joint property regulated st.254 Civil Code, according to which the owners share a common property, to dispose of it strictly by the consent of all the participants of ownership.The right to joint ownership of the apartment arises when buying spouses, when you make a joint mortgage, as well as the privatization of housing.In the case of privatization made registration of joint ownership to all citizens who are registered in the apartment at the time of privatization.
In all these cases, there is the possibility of registration as an equity and total joint ownership.Select the type of common property is carried out jointly by all the participants in the property.The circuit design of joint ownership is simplified in comparison with the share regi
stration, since it does not require the notary division of shares and their subsequent registration of the relevant authorities.The rest of the procedure for registration of a single property.
In order to register the joint ownership of an apartment , you must apply to the registration authority at the location of the apartment.You will need to prepare the package of documents, which includes the identity of all participants of property, documents confirming the right to property, the contract of purchase / sale, cadastral passport and proof of payment of the registration fee you.
with this package of documents necessary to apply to the state registration body, which will be registered and a joint ownership on apartment .A prerequisite is the presence of all participants in the property or the presence of a notary's power of attorney in the name of the person who will be engaged in registration documents.
If joint ownership occurs when the privatization of housing, not at the time of purchase, registration is carried out by the scheme of privatization.For registration of joint ownership requires the presence of all the people registered at the time of the privatization of the apartment or the presence of notarial power of attorney from them.