Tip 1: How to get the land in Moscow

Currently, no physical or legal persons have no right to own land in Moscow and the Moscow region.However, if you are an owner of the building, the purchase of land on which it is located, more can be done.
If you are the owner of a country house, the land on which it is built, can be decorated in your property.Before you contact the city administration for recognition of your ownership of this site, read the general plan of Moscow until 2025, to find out, do not go if your house is demolished, visit http://www.genplan2025.ru.
If you are an official representative of a legal entity, make a free-form application for the land on which you want to build a residential, commercial or public building.Applications should be sent to the Government of Moscow.It should be specified:
- the address location of the site;
- land area;
- the appointment of the required area;
- investments;
- purpose of the building, which you are planning to build at the site;
- planned volume of constructio
Prepare all the necessary documents for the conclusion of the lease land with the Moscow government, namely:
- constituent documents of a legal entity;
- Certificate of Incorporation;
- Rosstat codes;
- the certificate of registration with the tax authorities;
- a certified copy of the latter handed over to the tax office balance.
If you are an individual and want to lease land for construction, find out if your family is in need of housing in terms of the rules in force in the territory of Moscow.Find out whether your family and entitled to benefits.The right to receive an extraordinary land is currently only have large families and families of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Hero of Russia.
Depending on which area of ​​the Moscow area you want to get a plot of land, contact the local administration or village council of the area directly.Write an application addressed to its head, putting all the documents proving your right to the land.

Tip 2: How to return the land

If you want to return your land site , then you once lost ownership of it, no matter deceived you or you made some mistakeswhen the processing or sale.The following describes the two different cases when it is required to return the land plot , and most importantly - the main action, the first steps toward the goal.
How to return the land
The family (grandmother, grandfather and their children) had seven of land shares, which is equal to the total of 100 hectares of land for planting with / crop.In the 2000s, the whole area, they rented the farm, and they, in turn, provided the harvest from the fields - is 500 kg of grain and hay.Up until 2010 the contract was in force, but instead they were given 500 kg only 50 kg of grain per share.Next - worse.Shares lost, but rather became the property of the organization that surrendered land.It turned out that the rental contract had been concluded correctly, and shareholders were deceived.The contract has been on multiple sheets, but signature was only on the latter.The organization promised to sign all and give one copy of the shareholders.But this did not happen.
What you need to do in this case:
No need to panic.Solve the question should be through the courts, in criminal procedure.Although very little information.Also it is necessary to contact an attorney.If this is not an isolated case, that is,shareholders had a few, it is better to apply mass.
Citizen N sold site , at the same time issued a contract of sale, of course by the notary.But the buyer is not designed site (did not go to Companies House, there was no evidence of ownership of the land ).Five years later the buyer decided to sell the land (without documents is not possible).New buyers say that there is a contract of sale (notarial only) and other documents on the site they do not have.Next N citizen received documents at Companies House that this section not burdened, a certificate of registration.It turns out that land still belongs to her.But the real masters forbid her to engage in the area of ​​ground works.Threaten to sue.
What to do in such a case: all the sales were not valid.Since after the sale land has not been registered at Companies House.The owner in this case is still a citizen N. to work in the area, it has the full right.But the "smoke" of new residents have only through the courts.