you need
  • - passport;
  • - a statement to the Pension Fund;
  • - maternity certificate;
  • - certificate of the cost of housing;
  • - certificate of purchase;
  • - notarized commitment.
you can buy a house in the capital of the mother, if it is suitable for permanent residence: a heating system is residential on all documents.Check the land on which the house is located.It shall be designed exclusively for private habitation.
Decide what shares the property will be divided between family members.It can be an unequal proportion, in this case, their size is determined by the owner
Once a suitable site is found the house, begin to gather documents.You will need a copy of the contract of sale, certificat
e of ownership of the house, a notarized commitment, which stipulates that you complete your ownership of all family members for six months after the Pension Fund will transfer all the finances.Please also provide information on the amount remaining unpaid amount on bank agreement, if any.
Maternal capital you can apply for and pay the first installment in the case of a loan, as well as use it to pay off the debt.In this case, there is no need to wait until the child turns three years.
To use the cash to come to the Pension Fund with a package of documents.Write a statement about the desire to take advantage of the parent capital.Do not forget to indicate the purpose of its application.
Employees Pension Fund consider it and, if it meets all the standards of direct funding for its intended purpose.Normally, it takes about two months.The funds transferred to the account of the seller or the financial institution.
Once the housing is fully executed, you will need to provide a full report on the costs of funds, which were provided by the Pension Fund, the certificate of ownership.