you need
  • - passport holder;
  • - title document;
  • - extract from the State Land Cadastre;
  • - technical passport of the building.
decided to sell the suburban area, gather all the necessary documents.You have to be at the hands of title document, confirming the right of ownership of real estate, an excerpt from the cadastral registry data sheets on buildings.And in the case of several owners on the land - their written consent to the sale of villas.
If the site you are on the right of permanent perpetual use or inheritable possession, you need to privatize the land.To do this, write to the Department of Land Committee in your area, gather the necessary documents, the list of which depends on the form of ownership and give it all to the com
mittee.Over the next month you will receive the decision Land Commission to allocate your plot into ownership.
Apply this decision, and land surveying business area in the inventory room, where he put on the cadastral registration.After this, the documents are returned to the land committee for the contract of privatization.Further, the contract is registered with the State Registration Chamber and only after that you have on hand will be proof of ownership in the suburban area.The cost of this registration shall be established by the administration.
to obtain an extract from the land registry, which identifies the boundaries of the land and cadastral number, please contact the Chamber of inventory in your area.In the hands need to have a certificate of ownership.
collect all the necessary documents expose the property for sale.Search customers can own, or you can take the help of Realtors.In the latter case, wanting to buy a dacha there may be faster, but you will have to pay the agency a certain percentage from the transaction.