you need
  • - documents for the transaction;
  • - personal documents seller and buyer.
If you buy house and land on their own, without involving professionals from the real estate agency, you should carefully read the available documents from the seller and to enter into a transaction in accordance with all requirements of the current legislationat the time of purchase.
Your dealer is obliged to prepare the package of documents on which you will be able to conclude a contract of sale, to issue an act of acceptance and transfer and to submit a package of documents in FUGRTS for registration of ownership of the purchased property.
Check passport seller.If the property is being sold by a notary authorized person, make sure that the power of attorney is not overdue.To do this, it is useful to refer to the notary office at the place of issuance of power of attorney and pay the notary for the release of information as to the validity of the document.
Your dealer should have a fresh extract from the cadastral passport at house and a plot of land, a copy of the cadastral plan for house and the land.To deal necessarily required to have a certificate of ownership of the property sold, the extract from the house a marketing and account books, notarial permission from all co-owners if the certificate of ownership indicates several persons (article number 244 of the Civil Code).If the seller of the property is located in a registered marriage, in which the acquired property, the notarial marketing authorization is required from the other spouse (Article 34 of the RF IC number, the article number 256 of the Civil Code).
If house and land ownership rights are minors, incapable, partially capable person, make sure that there is a resolution of the guardianship authorities, which authorizes the alienation of property (Article №№ 28, 29,26, 30 of the Civil Code).
If all documents are in order, enclose a notary or a written contract of sale and complete the act of reception and transmission.The agreement and the act must be completed on a separate house and the land.If you make these documents in writing, consider the article №№ 550, 421, 420, 549, 432, 554, 317, 555, 292, 558 of the Civil Code.In these statutes provides a detailed explanation of the right to sign the agreement.
After checkout register their property rights in FUGRTS.After one month, you will become full owner of the purchased property and will receive a certificate of ownership to house and land.