you need
  • - application;
  • - documents.
Go to the local administration of your place of registration.The rate of the minimum living space per person in different regions of Russia is different, so that the housing department in your area will determine, you need to improve housing conditions or not.
Fill out there a statement on a special form.Attach the required documents, which include: certificate of employment, certificate of inspection of property (for 5 years), a certificate of registration (for 10 years), divorce certificate (marriage, birth, etc.), preferential certificates (if any), passports of all family members, a copy of the security certificates (for those who reserve a living spa
ce), a copy of the work book and a request from the company (for service housing or dormitories).If necessary, can request and other documents.
In a statement, provide details about your family.It is possible that you may include in a separate list that have the priority right to improve housing conditions .These include families with many children, war veterans and their families, families of servicemen and law enforcement officers, victims of the Chernobyl and others.Extraordinary right to improve housing conditions possess: orphans, investigators and prosecutors, people with disabilities 1 and 2 groups and participants in the war, the citizens whose homes were affected by the disaster.
Wait month.Usually, during this time you have to answer in writing.If your application is approved, you will be given a subsidy in order of priority.Otherwise, you have the right to challenge the decision of the housing commission in a lawful manner.
Remember that you can remove from the queue in the following cases: the detection of fraud in the statement on all , if you deliberately worsened the conditions of his residence in the improvement of living conditions independently, changing placesresidence, your personal initiative, etc.