To make a sale of the property of a minor citizen between the ages of 14 and 18, get written approval, drawn up the legal representative of the minor child.It can give its consent to the commission of the sale of the real estate only after consideration of the matter by the guardianship and custody and issuance of written permission.
for sale of real estate, which is owned by a child under the age of 14, also seek consent to the guardianship authority.To do this, prepare the necessary documents, in
particular passports of all participants of transaction, a certificate from the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI), the originals of documents of title to apartment , subject to the sale, an extract from the house, and if the minor is the owner, but is registered in anotheraddress, an extract from the house to the place of registration.
Consider the requirements for such transactions.In considering the question of allowing the sale of property of minors, guardianship authorities are trying to take into account all the features of the transaction, due to which it can be invalidated, and the housing rights of the minor citizen will be violated.The basic principle of influencing the positive decision: the share of the property of a minor child in the new apartment should not be less than the previous, and the living conditions worse than before.Or, instead of buying a similar share or housing minors guardianship authorities may decide to commit the parents transfer the amount owed to the child from the sale of his property to his personal bank account.
If you consider unreasonable or unjustified refusal of the guardianship authorities in the sale of property of the minor, the appeal against the refusal in court.