you need
  • - the sales contract;
  • - the act of reception and transmission;
  • - legal documents for housing;
  • - passport (birth certificate);
  • - the decision of the Department;
  • - deed of gift;
  • - a statement in regtsentr;
  • - receipt of payment of registration fee.
If you are planning to issue share child when buying, is a contract of sale, including a minor citizen.All legal actions for the child make parents, guardians or legal representatives, so sign in the sales contract are obliged to inform the said persons.
After registration the sales contract and the act of reception and transmission of real estate transaction is subject to state registration.Accommodation is decorated in the general share property, one of the share of which will belong to the minor citizen.You w
ill receive a certificate of ownership, which will be listed all homeowners, including a minor child will be.
Privatization - is the transfer of municipal property to the ownership of citizens.Along with adult family members registered on the housing, privatization may participate minor citizens.
After collecting all the documents you receive in the Department of housing policy a resolution on the transfer of home ownership, it will be given all the persons who participated in the privatization of municipal property.The certificate of ownership will be issued by the Federal Office of state registration center on the basis of the documents submitted.It will be shown all owners, including one of the shares of the privatized property will belong to the minor citizen.
Give a part of the apartment you can baby, if the transaction is the sale or privatization is completed and the certificate of ownership of the child does not appear.To make a piece of property as a gift, get a notarized permission from all owners, cadastral extract from BTI and sign the deed of gift.You can then apply to the registration center and make the ownership of the share of apartments for a minor citizen.