Tip 1: How to buy land in the property

you decided to privatize the land or buy it in the property of the state?This is not a problem if you know what you need to speed up the whole process.
you need
  • - the sales contract;
  • - passport;
  • - cadastral passport and an extract from it;
  • - receipt of payment of registration fee;
  • - Receipt of the site (in the case of buying from the state).
When you buy land from the state you are required to write a statement to the local administration.To do this, collect the full set of documents on the site, call the land management organization for the necessary documents to the ground.During the work done will be manufactured required technical documents.They will need to register in the registration center inventory and mapping.As a result, you will get a registration and cadastral passport statement.
When buying land from private individuals, you will need to issue the notarial contract of sale, and register the ownership of the State Registration Center.Sold by land to prep
are all the documents for alienation of land, namely land cadastral passport, documents of title to the property, the plan of the land plot.
With all the collected documents refer once again to the administration for the financial instrument of the value of the site and the decision on its exclusion.Register ownership of land will be after the payment.
To purchase a plot of land that is leased for registration of property rights will need to contact the local authorities with a statement.To do this, you need to update the technical documents to the site with the help of land management organization.If you do not have the cadastral passport, then register it in the registration center for land registration.The result is a cadastral passport and an extract from it.
appealed to the administration of the decree on the alienation of land and registration of ownership of the State Registration Center.If the plot had never signed it from the rental property, then one time in my life it will be free of charge.

Tip 2: How to purchase the leased premises

property are available for use by the conclusion of a lease or purchase as property under the sales contract.There is also the possibility of concluding a lease with option to repurchase.Make this action possible under the conditions originally included in the Contract, or by drafting and signing of the additional agreement, at any stage of the lease.
How to purchase the leased premises
If there is a conclusion of the lease, the terms of which provide for the right of the tenant to the subsequent purchase of the leased object.
In accordance with the Civil Code, the contract should be determined the conditions under which compliance, the leased property, subsequently become the property of the tenant.The Civil Code refers to the ability to select one of the following options:
- leased property becomes the property of the lessee, if the lease expired while the tenant made the payment of the redemption price;
- leased property becomes the property before the expiration of the lease term, subject to the lessee throughout the early redemption price.
The important point here is to indicate the size of the redemption value and the order of its payment.
If, by signing a rental property, you, for whatever reasons, did not indicate the possibility of redemption, but later came to such a request, it is necessary to issue a supplementary agreement governing the issue.The Civil Code provides for the right of the parties under the lease referred to in such an agreement a condition of the competition previously paid rents in the redemption value of the property.It should be noted that in the preparation of such an agreement, it must be given a form that meets the requirements to the form of the contract of sale is a view of a particular property.
Thus, if the ransom was provided by the lease contract, when the condition entailing a ransom, you automatically become the owner, and therefore you do not need to return the property to the lessor.Repurchased the property must be considered on its balance sheet.If the conditions are not there, the sense of action is the same, but only after the signing of the additional agreement and implementation of its provisions.
With regard to the state registration of transfer of ownership from the lessor to the lessee, Article 624 of the Civil Code does not contain in this regard any instructions.Please note that in paragraph 2 of Article 223 of the Civil Code contains a provision, that the alienation of the property subject to state registration, and, correspondingly, the ownership of the acquirer as of such registration, unless otherwise provided by law.Here is a case where "otherwise provided by law", or rather nothing found.Consequently, it will be enough to fulfill the conditions of transfer of ownership specified in the lease agreement.
If you have a lease of the property, which is owned by the state or municipal enterprise, and you have a desire to redeem the property, refer to the provisions of the Federal Law of 21.12.2001 №178-FZ "On Privatizationstate and municipal property. "At present, Article 13 of the Act does not contain provisions for such a process of privatization as a redemption of the leased property.However, it should be noted that for small and medium enterprises in the period up to 2013, in such a situation, there is a significant advantage.
You have every right to purchase (privatization) of the property of state or municipal enterprises property, if you:
- a legal entity and the share of the state, municipality, foreign legal entities, foreign citizens, public, religiousand other funds does not exceed 25% of the share capital
- representative of small businesses, with an average number of employees to 100 people, while the book value of your assets and proceeds from sales (excluding VAT), in the previous year, no more than 400 mln. rubles.Or representatives medium-sized businesses, with an average number of employees not more than 250 people, as well as the carrying value of assets and proceeds from sales (excluding VAT) for the preceding year of not more than 1,000 million. Rubles.
- continuously possess and (or) use the leased property for three years or more
- duly pay the rent
- rent property, the area of ​​which does not exceed the limits set by local laws
you need to preparea statement confirming your compliance with applicable criteria and intention to buy out the leased property.This statement is available in the state or municipal agency, depending on who is the lessor.
If you receive a positive answer, you should be patient and wait for two months, during which time the landlord will check and determine the market value of the property, as well as the conditions of redemption.
Following the decision will send you a draft contract of sale.This contract is subject to mandatory state registration.
tenant for payment by installments provided the opportunity for a period of up to five years.