Buy a newspaper advertisement for the sale of property, visit the following websites, which publishes information on the cottages, offered for sale .Which best describes you (or more).Do not look for the cottage on their own.Even an abandoned-looking site can be the owner.Refer to a reliable realtor, if you do not trust in their own strength.Choose a cottage with all communications.In this case it is better to buy a country house is more expensive than to wait years to take stock of gas, heating, etc.
Contact the owner garden , ask him for permission to look at the site.Just find out whether all the documents furnished to the country, whether legalized all the buildings.
Meticulously cottage look.Its value as the value of an
y other property, affected by many factors, often had escaped the attention of owners of the future: the presence of nearby shops and supermarkets, the proximity of the road, the proximity of protected areas and agricultural lands, the presence of noisy neighbors, etc.Find out in advance, do not plan any general reconstruction or demolition of the settlement in the near future.Ask the owner of the documents and check with the cadastral plan of the size of the plot.Ask the documents certifying the right of the owner of real estate.
Ask and other documents proving the purity of the future deal - a certificate from the tax authorities that no arrears;
- a certificate from the notary about the absence of contenders for the property;
- the certificate of payment of membership fees;
- a written and notarized consent of the spouse (wife) to sell cottages ;
- the inquiry about absence of land-claims;
- certificate of absence of restrictions in the possession of the site and residential buildings;
- written and notarized waivers of priority sodolschikov share of property foreclosures;
- Help the absence of debts on payment of utility bills.
signed a preliminary contract of sale.Be sure to give a deposit to, first, the owner cottages able to pay off all debts and complete the formation of all the documents (if necessary), and secondly, that in the event of failure of the deal you would be able to present his claim (usually finedouble the amount of the deposit).To such an agreement had legal force, it is better to issue a notary and get a receipt for the money.
conclude an agreement of purchase and sale in the local branch of the FRS with the Ministry of Justice.You get a certificate of registration of property rights.