you need
  • - notification;
  • - a statement to the court.
If you have made a section of the common property in nature and have issued separate ownership of their share , then have the full right to dispose of their living space at its sole discretion, to make it any legallysignificant transactions, which include sale, exchange, donation, etc.
to exchange its stake you can take to make a direct sale or exchange for a full apartment surcharge.If you change share by sale, it must notify all co-owners of your conditions of sale, as they have a preferential right to purchase (article number 250 of the Civil Code).
to notify co-owners re
fer to the notary draw up a notarial document, which will include all the conditions of the sale of your shares.Distribute it to all the co-owners a letter with a list of contents, which they will hand over a receipt.If within 30 days no one expressed a desire to purchase your share , you have the right to sell it to a third person, and add the remaining amount to buy a separate apartment .
If you are sharing, that is, found a suitable option, where the owner agreed to move to a smaller living space, which refers to a shared apartment, you have the right to make a deal without notifying the owners, because the transaction does not applyto buy or sell.
If you plan to swap its stake , allocated as a percentage, you can not make any sales or direct exchange.Exchange options are two - is to receive funds equivalent to your share in the voluntary or forced, to add to them, and the remaining amount to buy a separate living space.
Most often voluntarily nobody wants to pay cash, so apply to the court.On the basis of court orders you to pay your share of the cost under compulsion, and you can buy a separate living space and added the missing amount.