Buy an apartment with the help of the bank.The financial institution will provide you with a dedicated bank for this purpose the cell in which you later put the money for the purchase.Please note that the full amount will need to be divided into two parts: one - to repay the loan to the bank, the second in the difference between the outstanding loan and the difference in price.Money from the first cell will take the bank, the second - the owner of the premises that sells this living space.As recognized experts, this is the safest way to purchase real estate collateral.Security is provided by the fact that money from both cells seller and the bank will be able to
pick up only after your apartment in your property.
You can buy collateral apartment and a preliminary contract.In this case, the landlord must obtain permission of the bank to the early repayment of a mortgage loan.After that, the potential buyer will pay the outstanding balance for the owner.Then the latter gets his hands on the inquiry about absence of debt and enter into full ownership.Since then, the purchase transaction is conducted on regular basis.The buyer also must pay the seller the difference between the debt and the remainder of the price.The method of calculation of any selected - deposit box, cash, transfer from one account to another.However, this method is called experts very dangerous for the buyer.It is not known how to behave seller.Maybe get your hands on the inquiry about absence of debt, he simply issue all over and decided not to sell.
cost apartments, located in the pledge, somewhat below the average market price.This is due to the fact that the living space acquires a certain time ago, when property prices were lower.And as to sell it, and the bank and the seller need to hurry, you cheat the price for it, they will not.But we should not delude ourselves that everything will be easy and smooth.Observe and potential risk and complexity.For example, in some cases you may have to be removed from the apartment the status of the collateral.This extra financial and time costs.