To issue a certificate of registration apartments , acquired before 2000, you will need to prepare a number of documents and to apply them to the local branch of the Federal Registration Service.For registration required: cadastral passport, old documents, officially confirming that the apartment is in your property, passports of all owners, an extract from the house register.You must either contact all owners of property, or one of them in the presence of notarized power of attorney from the other owners.
The FRS offers to write a letter, make a copy of the submitted documents, pay the state fee.After that, the certif
icate of registration apartments be decorated for you.
purchasing a new home, for a certificate of registration you also have to apply to the Federal Reserve.Apply for this document can be either directly to the owner of the apartment , or a person representing his interests, in this case, you must provide a power of attorney notarized.
If you have already applied to the Federal Reserve and the registered ownership of the apartment, but did not receive a certificate, you only have to make a statement about the issue of such certificates to the existing property rights.
If registration of property rights has not yet occurred, required to file documents.There will also need to make a statement, it has drawn up directly to the local government of the Fed, to provide agreement on the transfer apartments in the property, or a contract of sale, an extract from the personal account to the apartment, cadastral passport at the apartment, and technical passport of BTI.Then you pay a state fee and offer to make copies of all documents collected.
during a calendar month from the date of submission of documents for the registration of your ownership of an apartment must be registered and you will be able to obtain a certificate of registration .