If you want reliability, then you have to pay through the bank.For this special set up an account, which can place an amount equivalent to that which is necessary to make for the property.Once the deal is framed, you flip the entire amount to the account of the person from whom you made the purchase .Or there is another option that you first send money, then to sign a contract of sale.This method will allow you to avoid unnecessary and superfluous trouble with money, anguish so as to protect them, and other troubles.
If you pay, you can use the following method.Open a bank account, get a plastic card.On this point, place the required amount.After the transaction for the purchase of apartments you just give this card to the seller, give all the necessary information on it (the PIN, account number, etc.).Then he will remove from it all due to him cash.
Pay purchase apartments possible and familiar way - with cash.Cons such a system for calculating the seller very much.First, you risk the safety of funds.After all carry the same amount of money it is risky.Secondly, if you are not sure about the honesty of the seller, then the translation of cash can easily lose a few thousand rubles, as light-fingered people can easily hide them discreetly.Therefore, with this method of payment you need to be very careful.
Another popular way - to open a deposit box.The principle is similar to the payment of the purchase as possible to pay with a plastic card.So you have to put money into the cell, and then at the time of the transaction to the seller for the information.