you need
  • - application to the BTI;
  • - passport;
  • - documents of title to the garage;
  • - Receipt of payment for the issue of information.
Submit the BTI application to call a technician.Based on inspection of the property you will draw up a technical and cadastral passport plan.Evaluation of the cadastral value of the garage is based on numerous factors.It will take into account the material of which is built the garage, its location, year of building, property rights to the object the restriction of property rights.For example, if your garage belong to you as property, the assessment of experts on the cadastral value will be different if you are a user, but property rights are not decorated and the garage is owned b
y all members of the cooperative.
The evaluation criteria are taken into account: the market value on the measured properties in your area;value of the land on which the garage;affiliation of property rights to land.
evaluation results are reflected in the evaluation instrument.The final cost is determined by the overall assessment of an individual object, and based on the area, multiplied by the share index cadastral value of the objects in your region.At the bottom of the valuation report shall sign the authorized person and a leader, approved the document.
You can get an extract from the act of evaluation.To do this, submit an application, pay a fee for the issuance of the statement.Information about the cadastral value of the object is required in the case of laying a garage in the banking pledge, in the division of hereditary weight under arrest for the inventory and seizure of property for property tax calculation, to pay tax at the donation of property.
When selling the most rational way to determine the market value of the garage, turning to an independent appraiser or sold based on the cost of similar property in your area.