Suburban station - is a profitable investment finance.Besides, this is a great place for summer vacation, the opportunity to grow vegetables and fruit, or even to have livestock, and thus greatly reduce the cost of food and, of course, the opportunity to escape from the city at any time of year.But in order to realize all these dreams, you need to choose the suburban area and the time of its purchase.

When buying cottage

Especially a lot of offers in the market sales of suburban areas, usually in the spring.On the eve of the beginning of the gardening work much as wanting to buy a cottage, and who want to sell it.But the cost of land increases many times, as there is a demand.The most expensive and always will be those areas that are located in th
e immediate vicinity of the city or in its precincts.Villas in the city becoming mostly for growing fruits and vegetables, breeding of small animals, such as birds or rabbits.Villas in the 10-30 km from the city suitable for summer holidays and accommodation.

In autumn areas are much cheaper.Besides, this time buying the most convenient, as you can appreciate the efficiency of fruiting garden, for example, or to make sure that the area is not noisy and the air is not polluted by exhaust fumes and the surrounding waters are regularly cleaned, and any signs of industryWastewater.In the winter garden are worth even less, but to examine them in detail and assess their quality is very difficult.

How to choose a cottage

Before choosing suburban area, it is important to determine the order, for which he was sold.Land for growing vegetables is better to buy already gutted for this land.Those who like fruit, you need to pay attention to the condition of fruit trees, their age and grooming.

If the cottage is needed only for recreation, walking should be clean ponds, forest plantations, and an ideal option - a plot with a small pond or established in its territory a swimming pool.

In any case, it is important to pay attention to the quality of access roads, availability of communications that are important for comfort, for example, electricity, water, gas, phone line, or at least mobile of good quality.

The area should be outside of the house to stay, sheds for storing tools, bath or fixed shower, a toilet, if there are none in the house.Attention should be paid, of course, safety and wear holiday home, fences, if the buyer is not prepared to invest more in the repair and improvement.

What documents must be provided by the seller suburban area

Invest accumulation at the site, which is not provided the necessary documents not only impossible, but also dangerous.Great risk to remain without money, and without problem.To make out the sale transaction should be in the real estate agency or a notary public, who must choose a buyer.The package of documents on the ownership of the suburban area includes: a certificate of ownership of land and buildings, the information on that at no one is registered, an extract from the state register of real estate fixed pattern.